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Moving Advice


•    Purchase packaging supplies at least few days before you move.
•    Check your home insurance and make sure you have cover from when you move in to your new home.
•    Label all boxes displaying destination room, contents and fragile items.
•    Keep a few spare boxes for the day of the move
•    Get rid of the rubbish before moving day.
•    Know what you want taken and what is to be left.
•    Clean before moving day.
•    Start packing essential items
•    Notify the relevant utility companies for your move.

All of our packing staff members at Wandsworth Removals are fully trained to handle your belongings. We provide:

• Wrapping of pictures and fragile items.
• Professional packing of your belongings into boxes
• Wrapping of glass, china or crockery, furniture, plasma TVs, antiques, and valuable items.
• Disassembling and reassembling of all furniture including beds, desks, wardrobes, etc.
• Clear labelling of all boxes.

Moving can be stressful enough without the added task of packing. Wandsworth Removals offer a full packing service to help your move run smoothly.
We offer a wide range of packing materials including:

• Boxes  and wardrobe boxes
• Bubble Wrap
• Furniture Covers
• Tape
• Packing and tissue paper

Here is some helpful advice to prepare you for your move:

• Purchase all packaging supplies in advance before your moving day. See Packaging
• Decide what you want to take with you and what is to be left behind. Donate or recycle and unwanted items
• Clean your property as you go long – do not leave it until the day of your move.
• Choose an adequately sized truck for your belongings and plan the number of journeys needed for your move.
• If using the packing service, decide how many boxes the company will need to pack, so you can estimate how long it will take them to pack your possessions.
• Arrange a time you would like the team to arrive.
• Pack non-essential items into boxes as early as possible
• Clearly label your boxes stating the destination room, contents, and any fragile items.
• Notify your utility companies of the date you are leaving the property to avoid any unnecessary charges.
• Always keep a few spare boxes for the moving day for any additional bits and pieces.
• Dispose of any rubbish before your moving day
• Prepare clear instructions and directions to your new property

Local moving services are calculated on an hourly basis or based on a list of items which will be transported in the local move.In other words, the amount of possessions you wish to move will determine the overall estimate of the local move and the number of moving staff you will need. For example, a one-bedroom apartment will require less labour for local removal services than that of a four-bedroom house. It is always a good idea to persuade friends and family members to lend a helping hand as this will cut down labour costs.
The hourly rate depends on the number of local moving staff members and the number of removal trucks that are required for the local move.
Your moving company will determine the appropriate amount for the hourly rate for local movers. If packing is needed, that too is charged at the hourly rate.
If you require additional materials to the local removal services, these are charged based on actual usage.
Your standard local moving insurance is included in the price. Additional insurance can be purchased on the day of your move, for peace of mind.
Usually, local moves are completed within one to three days, depending on individual circumstances.